The Bradirapids

We are a non-profit organization aimed at encouraging sport, and Parky Touch Rugby in particular, as a form of rehabilitation for people with Parkinson's disease.

The Bradirapids came to life partly by chance and partly by passion of three rehab friends: Stefano, Gaetano and Marco. 

The Parky Touch Rugby

The heart of our project is the Parky Touch Rugby, a game suitable for everyone: prohibiting the physical collision, and limiting the contact to a slight touch of the hand on the opponent, is the game that brings men, women and children even with little athleticism to the essential spirit of the sport, without the fear of getting hurt.

Collaboration with San Raffaele

Bradirapids founders met during their rehab in the renowned and welcoming environment of the S. Raffaele-Pisana Neuromotor Day Hospital in Rome, directed by M.D. Annalisa Gison.

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About us

The "Parky Touch Rugby" and its pioneers, the "Bradirapidi" team, never cease to arouse the enthusiasm and interest of individuals and institutions. The experience of the "Parky Touch Rugby" and its "Bradirapidi", now led by a former rugby coach and federal referee, is unprecedented and with prospects of great value, even in the field of clinical research. And above all an example of how sport can be truly inclusive and break down all barriers.

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Seen from within

I must say that this group is really giving me so many emotions ... it's nice to see so much enthusiasm ... to rejoice and be happy for someone else's good performance ... I don't care who's stronger, faster or just better ... Moreover done together is even more beautiful .... all of us Bradipirapidi and all the wonderful people who share all this with us ... our fantastic coach, wives and husbands. It was just fabolous meeting you all! So...the result of today's game is Bradirapidi: 1 Mister P.: 0



From the Istituto Superiore di Sanità a precious resource for everybody.

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